Activities at Whitman Post:

    Running Club - This activity is open to any 3rd, 4th, or 5th grader who enjoys running and is willing to “go the extra mile!” Running Club takes place after school on Mondays and Wednesdays in September-October and April-May.

    WPES Choir - The choir is open to 4th and 5th grade WPES students. Choir meets before school on Wednesdays and performs at the 4th and 5th grade music concerts, as well as at an annual holiday outing at the mall.

    Project Fair - Any WPES student is welcome to enter the project fair held in our school cafeteria in April.

    Art Fair - An impressive exhibit of WPES students’ art projects will be on display an evening in May.

    Music Concerts - While 3rd and 5th graders perform their annual musical concert in December, our 4th graders will put on their show in the spring. You won’t want to miss these fantastic performances from the incredible music program we offer at Whitman Post!

Third Grade

    Cave of the Mound: A fantastic science-based field trip where students get to explore geology.

    Camp Winnebago: Students enjoy learning about the great outdoors, and different wildlife.
Fourth Grade

    Midway Village: Fourth grade students spend the day living and learning about pioneer days.

    Madison Zoo: A class trip is taken before school lets out for summer break. Our students really enjoy visiting the zoo.

    Burpee Museum & Discovery Center: The Burpee Museum and Discovery Center in Rockford, IL is one of the best children's museums in our area. Children learn and interact with many different exhibits.
Fifth Grade

    Camp Timber-Lee (Overnight): Camp Timber-Lee (Overnight): Fifth grade students spend a night at Camp Timber-Lee learning about many different science, conservation, and environmental issues. Students socialize and have many fun experiences together. Click here to watch the short Timber-Lee introduction video

    Midway Village: Students spend the day engaging in an experience to better understand the life and time of the Civil War.

All trips, even walking ones, need a specific permission note.