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Special Purpose Board Meeting:
Monday, January 29th, 2024 - 4:30 p.m. | Agenda

Committee of the Whole Meeting:
Wednesday, June 12th, 2024 - 6:00 p.m. | Agenda

Regular Board Meeting:
Monday, July 17th, 2024 - 6:00 p.m. | Agenda
Board Members

Cynthia Driggers
Carson Breed
Vice President

Carson considers it an honor to serve the community as a Rockton District 140 school board member. Carson and his wife Heather share a home in Rockton with their blended family of five children. The oldest is an elementary education teacher, and he is very proud of the education that Rockton 140 district has afforded his family. The two youngest children are still in attendance at Whitman Post and Stephen Mack middle school.

Carson originally grew up in Rockford and moved to Rockton 20 years ago after graduating from Western Illinois University with a bachelor’s in business management. He spent more than 20 years in manufacturing, where he excelled in team leadership and management. Carson has engaged in the family tradition of real estate and is currently a Realtor with Gambino Realtors. Additionally, he owns his own business, with a strong focus on property management. Carson has received a great deal of personal satisfaction in collaborative management roles over the past 25 years, which he plans to bring to the school board position.

Carson’s philosophy centers around providing a good education framework for our young and a legacy that will embrace our community long term. He believes in conducting himself in a transparent and accountable manner to work collaboratively for our community, school staff, and all stakeholders alike. Education and community involvement have always been a focus for his family. He looks forward to working as a dedicated, thoughtful member of the Rockton 140 school board to help maintain the excellent schools we have and discover ways to make them even better for the short-term but, more importantly, the long-term health of the community.

Cynthia Driggers
Kelsey Lueshen

Kelsey is honored to serve on the Rockton School School District Board of Education. The Lueshen’s moved to Rockton in 2009. Kelsey and his wife, Laura, have been married since 2006 and they have two lovely sons, Charlie and Henry. Laura has been a teacher in the Rockton School district since 2004 and Charlie is currently in 3rd grade at Whitman Post. Henry is excited to start Kindergarten at RGS soon. Kesley is excited to work with all stakeholders in Rockton to continue and build the amazing quality of the schools in this area.

Kelsey is no stranger to education. Not only is his wife a teacher, but he is also a teacher at Harlem High School. Kelsey grew up in and around the Rockford area. He pursued education and is happy to be doing what he truly loves. He currently teaches English at Harlem High School and also coaches the Cross Country team in the fall.

Kelsey has always wanted to give back to the community he calls home. As a member of the school board, he gets that opportunity. Through the school board, he can work to ensure that all students have the opportunity to achieve their greatest potential. Kelsey is passionate about education and the impact it can have on an individual’s life. In this role, he can champion this cause for every child in the district. He is excited to work with Glenn Terry and all the members of the school board to continue the excellent educational opportunities in Rockton.

Scott Robinson

Scott Robinson believes in the power of education to help children develop their full human potential, and takes seriously the responsibility of being a partner in the stewardship of District 140 for the benefit of our community’s children, families, and taxpayers. He and his family moved to Rockton in 2010, and were drawn here, like many families, because of the reputation of Rockton’s schools. The quality of education that his three children have received in the district has indeed been excellent due to the hard work and dedication of our district’s teachers, support staff, administrators, and school board, as well as the support of the community. It has been especially amazing to witness the success of our district in dealing with the Covid-19 pandemic. As a member of the Rockton 140 Board of Education, Scott wants to help continue this tradition of excellence by always putting the best interests of our children first, while also respecting the obligation to provide value for the tax dollars that fund our schools.

Scott is an attorney for a national law firm, and also a former English teacher at Hononegah High School. He was admitted to the bar in 2003, and taught at Hononegah from 2011-2019. He also has significant training and experience in educational technology. His wife, Becky, teaches Photography, Web Design, Video, and Graphic Design at Hononegah. They have three children in District 140: two sons in 8th and 6th grades, and a daughter in kindergarten. Scott knows first hand what a difficult, yet rewarding, job it is to teach kids, and has the highest regard for great teachers and their craft. He is looking forward to using his knowledge and experience to serve the residents of our school district, and promises to work hard to maintain the educational quality they have come to expect from District 140.

Scott Robinson
Trisha Burgan

Brendan Caver

Derek Erwin